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We sell and install some of the best LED lights in the country. Our company prides itself on ensuring the best job possible...period! We do not outsource our installs or provide our product to resellers. Why? That's how companies lose touch with their quality control and customer service.

When the seasons start warming up the fish are typically more nocturnal and moving. Our fishing lights penetrate to draw phytoplankton into the area which in turn draws the smaller baitfish to consume their phytoplankton meals. The predator fish, that anglers are after, typically are not far behind the action in an attempt to consume the baitfish. With either our Pro-Series package, our Angler Series package, or one of our two fishing wands, you are going to be ahead of the curve when it comes to night fishing. Fishing is not easy or it would be called, "catching". Having an advantage is always the key to success. Dont expect the lights to cure a bad run, be the answer to filling the freezer, or catch the whopper. TopCat lights are just another weapon in your arsenal and probably better than the lure you bought at 3 a.m. off of an infomercial.

How do I know this?

I am one of only thirteen Freshwater Elite Anglers in the state of Texas as recognized by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.
Elite Angler Raymond Austin Jr. I make my living fishing as a professional fishing guide. TopCat Professional Guide Service. My customers, my son, and I have combined for 33 water body records including a State Record Largemouth Bass for myself and State Record Blue Catfish for my son. Links to articles published about myself or my guide service: Lone Star Outdoor News, Lone Star Outdoor News #2 Austin American Statesman, Austin American Statesman #2, San Antonio Express, San Antonio Express #2 San Antonio Express #3 Dallas Morning News, Amarillo Globe. I love fishing and recommend that you use the lights on water-bodies that have natural or added structure to support bait-fish and game fish. If you are not on a water-body that sports good numbers of game-fish, you might as well be fishing in your bath tub.

Good luck with the lights and tight lines on the water,

Ray Austin, Owner of TopCat Lighting and TopCat Fishing


Ray Austin, TopCat Fishing, Professional Guide






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